Justice Online gameplay gives you two very different perspectives

justice online

Justice Online, aka Treacherous Waters is the new game – or should we say one of the new games – from Chinese developer Netease. This studio is behind MMORPGs such as Revelation Online, Twilight Spirits and now this one. The first closed beta started on July 21 and MMOJACKX57 captured some low level gameplay with the Su Wen character.

One interesting thing that you can watch in the video below is the 2.5D isometric perspective. This is seen in games such as Lost Ark or Diablo, and the good graphics are noticeable from this angle. However, it seems that at some level the camera unlocks and you switch to the traditional third-person perspective, but we're not sure if you won't be able to switch as you see fit. It would certainly be much better to have that choice.

When you're done seeing the isometric gameplay, you can skip to around 13:00 to see the graphics truly shine. Su Wen tries some different costumes, plays the flute, swims around a bit and glides in the air – or this wouldn't be an Eastern MMORPG such as Moonlight Blade or Blade & Soul.

All in all, it seems like a good game, although nothing we haven't seen before. What are your impressions based on this video?

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