Justice Online trailers show a pretty MMORPG in anticipation for beta

Justice Online gameplay trailers

Justice Online is NetEase's next (and last?) attempt at a full-fledged PC MMORPG. The makers of Revelation Online are going full wuxia on us with this game and the open beta is coming soon to China.

I'm getting more of a Moonlight Blade vibe than Revelation Online from the environment trailers below, and the character trailers (all compiled by Steparu) also serve to reinforce the feeling that Justice is a mash-up of those two games. It remains to be seen how it feels and plays, especially in the combat department, which should include all the usual aerial stunts known from wuxia MMORPGs.

The first Chinese open beta for Justice Online begins on June 29, but before that we have a short final test starting on June 22. No matter what, let's hope that NetEase does a better job with Justice Online than what they did with their latest MMO, Twilight Spirits. Or at least, translate it into English before releasing it on Steam.

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