Kakao Games signs Bluehole’s Ascent: Infinite Realm MMORPG for Korea

Kakao Games signs Bluehole's Ascent: Infinite Realm

Kakao Games is definitely putting a lot of faith in Bluehole's upcoming MMORPG, Ascent: Infinite Realm. The makers of TERA and PUBG have been working hard on this ambitious steampunk MMORPG with a heavy focus on aerial combat, and the expectations are extremely high, despite a somewhat lukewarm announcement.

Ascent: Infinite Realm has a confirmed release for North America and Europe, as Kakao Games signed the deal with Bluehole by the end of 2016. Now, and contrary to the way that these things usually work, the two companies have reached another agreement, as Kakao Games also gets the rights to publish Ascent: Infinite Realm in South Korea (thanks MMOCulture).

No additional details came of this meeting, but we should get some new info soon. The business model for Ascent: Infinite Realm is a huge question mark, especially considering that Kakao Games is the publisher of Black Desert Online, the popular MMORPG that is free-to-play in Korea, Japan and Russia, and buy-to-play in Taiwan, South East Asia, Europe, North America and South America.

Kakao Games signs Bluehole's Ascent: Infinite Realm

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