Kharabak is the second Dauntless behemoth coming in the next update

New Dauntless behemoth kharabak

Dauntless is getting the Sharpen Your Skills update during December and among other things, it brings a couple of new behemoths.

We've discussed the first new Dauntless behemoth, Skarn, a few days ago. Now, Phoenix Labs has revealed the second beast that is waiting to slay you – and vice-versa: Kharabak. The Kharabak is an highly mobile behemoth with aerial skills that features two separate attacks, both of them extremely deadly for slayers who like to stick together in a small area.

Apparently, the Kharabak is capable of picking up speed and if it gets slicing at top speed, there isn't much hope for your slayer – audio cues are of vital importance with this behemoth. I'm not quite sure what this means exactly, but we'll see soon enough, when the update goes live in a week or two.

New Dauntless behemoth Kharabak

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