Kingdom Under Fire 2 opens official Russian website, launches in 2017

Kingdom Under Fire 2 has just opened its official Russian website, or should we say teaser website, as it only includes a cinematic trailer and a link to the VKontacte page (Russian Facebook of sorts, if you will) of the game.

So, what do you, our treasured North American and European readers – we also love the rest of our readers the same, don't worry – have to do with this? Well, you may remember the official Blueside statement from not too long ago, where they said that the western version of the game (and also Korea and Japan) would become its main focus after the Russian open beta. What this means is that the sooner they get the open beta going, the sooner Blueside jumps onto the other region versions. The official word from Innova Systems, the Russian publisher, is that Kingdom Under Fire 2 will launch during 2017, with some talks of an open beta in the fall.

No matter how we look at it, it seems that Kingdom Under Fire 2 is only coming to North America and Europe in 2018. Things are finally moving though, after a few years of complete silence and thoughts of canceled versions.

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