Kingdom Under Fire II: 7 years, $50M, Western beta coming soon

Kingdom Under Fire II Game Director Sang Youn Lee told Kotaku a bit about the troubled development of this action MMORPG and RTS mix, and as expected, things we're quite difficult since the game was first seen in 2009. But developer Blueside is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, with the SEA versions (in English language) currently in beta and the US and EU betas still expected during 2014, although no actual date was revealed and we have a feeling it might slip into 2015.

But with seven years in development, several genre (from online multiplayer to full blown MMO) and format switches (Xbox 360 to PC and now also PS4), Kingdom Under Fire II's budget is currently sitting at an impressive $50 million dollars, nearly four times the initial budget.

While the numbers are a bit scary, Kingdom Under Fire 2 managed to leave us with a good impression during the first SEA betas, so we're eagerly waiting for the Western release. The mix of action MMO with RTS elements is addictive and the idea of having thousands of units battling at the same time (the game is able to currently handle up to 10,000 units) is just crazy. It can get a bit messy sometimes, but that's the price to pay for all the massive action going on.

If you want to learn everything you need about this game, check out our Kingdom Under Fire 2 hands-on preview.


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