Kingdom Under Fire 2 English release coming in November 2019, is B2P

Kingdom Under Fire 2 English release

Gameforge has fulfilled its promise from last week, when the German studio said that it had some juicy details for this week. Today, all was revealed: the Kingdom Under Fire 2 English release is set in stone, scheduled for November 2019 in North America and Europe.

However, it comes with a big surprise that is probably not going down well with players waiting for Kingdom Under Fire 2 – it will be a premium game, which means that you'll have to buy the game. Pre-orders are now available and start at $29.99 USD.

This is a surprising move for Gameforge and one that seems out of touch with the reality of Kingdom Under Fire 2. For a game that was originally announced in 2008, entered its first South Korean beta in 2011, having shut down in Asia in the meantime, this is a risky decision. It spent some time in development hell, without any clear indication that it would end up being fully released.

Bless Online immediately comes to mind, a free-to-play MMORPG that took several years to reach the west, and came with a business model change. It made many players think that it was worth it paying for the game – spoiler: it wasn't.

Gameforge promises “higher drop rates” and an in-game store that exclusively focuses on cosmetics and convenience items such as mounts. Nonetheless, it's still a free-to-play game turned premium with a cash shop on top.

The Kingdom Under Fire 2 English release trailer shows the five classes that you can choose from: Spellsword, Berserker, Tracker, Gunslinger, and Elementalist. Some players are saying that the game is censored, but we'll have to wait for full gameplay to get a confirmation.

Pre-orders come in three flavors and start at $29.99 / €26.99 for the Hero Package. The Emperor Package costs $49.99 / €44.99 and the War God Package will set you back $99.99 / €89.99. Each pack brings the usual bonuses, including costumes, boosters and in-game currency.

What do you think of the idea of turning Kingdom Under Fire 2 into a premium game? Will you buy it?


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