Kingdom Under Fire 2 western release planned for late 2017 on PC and PS4

More news arose about the Kingdom Under Fire 2 western release which was recently discussed to be happening after the Russian open beta. In a recent press conference in Taiwan, Lee Sang-youn, CEO of developer Blueside has confirmed that the Kingdom Under Fire 2 western release is indeed planned and should happen later this year or early 2018 both for PC and PlayStation 4. Oddly enough, Lee Sang-youn said that the game won't be released on Xbox One as the network issues of the console are a problem and the PS4 is better at dealing with the massive battleground of Kingdom Under Fire 2.

A fifth class was also teased, the Elementalist, who will join the current four classes: Gunslinger, Berserker, Spellsword and Ranger. You can watch a teaser of this class below along with a new and pretty good trailer created with in-game footage (thanks 2P).

Kingdom Under Fire 2 has been a long time coming, but at least Blueside didn't stop talking about it and updating western fans about its progress. If only it happened just the same for every game, right, Phantasy Star Online 2?

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