Knights & Squires update is now live for Conqueror’s Blade

Knights Squires Conquerors Blade

Medieval warfare fans are having a field day as launches the new Knights & Squires update for Conqueror's Blade.

This update brings five new Chivalric units inspired by European militaries: Demesne Spearmen, Squires, Spear Sergeants, Men-at-Arms, and Monastic Knights.

New tutorial quests help new players break easily into Conqueror's Blade, but these also come in handy as new ways to earn rewards and equipment. Veteran players get to enjoy a new set of daily, weekly, and fief quests.

The Knights & Squires update also brings a new Military Ranks Progression System, for those players who have reached the level 60 cap. When the time comes, ranks will show a player's expertise and achievements.

Last but not least, there are several quality of life improvements, including balancing units and Warlords.


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