KOG Studios details Kurtzpel’s weapon Dance of the Wind skills

Kurtzpel Dance of Wind skills

When Kurtzpel launches, you'll probably know all of the skills and combos by heart. At least, judging by KOG Studios' willingness to release new videos detailing the weapons skills and combos.

Dance of the Wind is the name of the bow and arrow that you get to wield, and if a week ago we learned about its command skills, today it's time for the hot bar skills. These come with tempting names such as Storm Arrow or Soul Arrow, and you can even create combos between them for greater effect, as the final seconds of the video show.

An English release wasn't announced yet, but unless some sort of catastrophe happens, Kurtzpel is the perfect anime action RPG to find a release in North America and Europe. Just don't hold your breath.

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