Korean Bless Online server merge taking place in June

Bless Online dungeons

If there's a game that you can't accuse of having no exciting news, then that game is Bless Online. Developer and publisher Neowiz Games has just announced that a Bless Online server merge is happening on June 14, 2017, with the two remaining servers “Gaius” and “Lumen” resulting in one last server called “Elpis”. This isn't the only Bless Online server merge we've seen lately, as in January 2017 we witnessed another one. For a game that once had ten servers, they dwindled down pretty fast.

The Russian version isn't in a better state either; the game is going to close altogether on May 25 to undergo a major revamp and for an indefinite period. As for North America and Europe, Aeria Games has tasked developer Neowiz with a combat revamp and other improvements, but the first Bless Online western closed beta is planned for 2017.

With all these developments, it's hard not to think that the game just isn't as appealing as many of you are probably expecting. What is your take on this?

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