Kritika Korea gets new female warrior class, watch the trailer

kritika reboot female warrior class

Since we recently welcomed Kritika back in North America and Europe thanks to Kritika Reboot, this is timely news. Developer Allm has just released a new class in Korea, the Female Warrior class.

If my memory isn't failing me, Kritika now features eight starting classes, including the latest one, the Archer, also known as HongRyoung. However, Kritika has tons of advancement classes, so you get a nice number of choices overall.

As for the Female Warrior, it is somewhat unexpected because Kritika isn't known for delivering male and female counterparts to existing classes. Black Desert Online is one of the games that strictly abides by that rule, but Kritika previously basked in its gender-lock without any concessions… until now.

Take a look at Kritika's Female Warrior class in action with her big sword, as spotted by MMOCulture. Obviously, this class is also getting her own advancements in the near future. In a matter of months, she is going to drop on Kritika Reboot as well.

If you missed on this anime brawler, catch up to the game with our recent Kritika Reboot gameplay impressions.

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