Kritika Online Archer class gets new video and info

Kritika Online Archer class

We just discovered some new info on the upcoming Kritika Online Archer class that we covered a few days ago. The Chinese version of Kritika Online is published by Tencent and the studio has revealed a new teaser video showing the eight class coming to Kritika Online. The release date for the Chinese patch is July 6, but the Korean version should release around the same time, although we're waiting confirmation on this.

Considering the other class names on Kritika Online (Gunmage, Rogue, Warrior, Monk and so on) and that this class uses a bow, we're inclined to call it the Archer. The official English name is yet to be revealed, and will probably take a long time as Kritika Online North America and Europe is about to enter open beta on June 29 with four classes – the coming months will bring Eclair, Nobleria and Monk before this Archer class.

This Kritika Online Archer class has a nice twist which is some sort of eagle. We're yet to see some actual gameplay – the video below is more of a story trailer – but our guess is that we can command the eagle to attack a target.

We'll have more on the Archer class as the release date approaches.

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