Kritika Online cosplay guide teaches you all the details

Kritika Online cosplay

So, you fancy a bit of Kritika Online cosplay but you don't know where to begin? Worry not, as En Masse is going to guide you through all the details so that you can create your best costume. You can pick any of the four initial Kritika classes – Reaper, Gunmage, Rogue and Berserker – as well as any of the advancement classes.

Then you're presented with a 3D model of your chosen character that you can rotate, zoom and see from virtually any angle. A few hot spots give you suggestions on the kind of material to use and action to take. When you're done with this part, you can download a detailed cosplay guide which includes all characters.

You can see one example for the Reaper class below. If you're wondering just how the Kritika Online cosplay is going to turn out, then wonder no more: just see this stunning Kritika Online Reaper cosplay.

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