Kritika Online evolves with the new Dawn of Awakenings update

kritika online class awakenings

The Dawn of Awakenings update for the anime brawler Kritika Online is now live and brings class growth for max level players, among other things.

Warriors and Monks will be able to begin their new journey to attain Noble status today, as long as they have a high enough Combat Rating. All it takes is to complete an Awakening quest to unlock the Awakened version of their class and gain access to five powerful new skills and an imposing passive buff.

This update also continues the story started by the Windhome update, adding four new Danger Zones: Suffering Spring, Dragon Peaks, Gate Portal and Worldly Pit. It all comes together with a new Ultimate Zone designed for players with some of the most powerful weapons and armor, the Dusk Pirates' Den, featuring six stages that will ultimately reward players with the new Dusk weapons and armor.

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