Kritika Online holiday event begins, earn your gift boxes, ho ho ho!

Kritika Online gifts

A Kritika Online holiday event has just started today, and it's going to run for a while – until midnight on Monday, January 1. A full month, in fact.

This event has a Santa's Village full of goblins instead of elves, and you can earn Holiday Gift Boxes filled with loot. To access the village, you have to use the Event button on any Danger Zone Highway, something that you can do once per day. Then it's off to defeat enemies to get Holiday Gift Boxes and bosses to earn Golden Holiday Coins, which you will use to open the boxes. You can also take these coins to Alandra and trade them directly for some gifts.

These boxes contain the following (you get one prize at random):

• Santa Costume box
• Holiday Weapon Skin Box
• Holiday Accent Box
• 1–5 Hero's Keystone
• 3 Resurrection Stones
• 50 Reappraisal Scrolls
• 50 Recalculation Scrolls
• Enhancing Booster Half Scroll
• 20,000–100,000 Gold
• 1–5 Hexagrams
• 1–5 Golden Holiday Coins
• 1–2 Holiday Gift Boxes

If you prefer to go directly to Alandra, here is what you may get:

• Holiday Gift Box—5 coins (Limit: 3 per day per account.)
• Santa Costume Box—15 coins (Limit: 5 per account.)
• Flying Reindeer Emblem—20 coins (Limit: One per character.)
• Holiday Nog—1 coin (No limit!)
• Evo Rune Selector—40 coins (Limit: One per account.)
• Evo Rune Loot Box—20 coins (Limit: Two per account.)


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