Nobleria is going Halo Magician in Kritika Online’s next job update

Kritika Online Nobleria halo magician

Nobleria, the cute and bubbly girl… oh, who am I kidding? The loli character from Kritika Online is about to get its next class advancement.

Titled “Halo Meiji” in its original format, she isn't in any way related to Microsoft's popular first-person shooter franchise starring Master Chief. We could translate it to Halo Mage or even to something like Angelic Magician, given the halo on display and the wing-like trail effects from Nobleria's weapon, the Twilight Finale.

This class advancement seems to offer a nice blend of melee and ranged attacks, suited for players who love balanced characters. You can see some of her skills in the announcement video below, and this advancement is going to land on Kritika Online's Korean servers on December 21.

En Masse Entertainment, publisher of the western version of Kritika Online, is going to release Nobleria (she's apparently being re-branded as Prodigy), sometime in 2018, probably. Keep checking this Kritika roadmap if you want to stay on top of the updates.

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