Kritika Online on Steam, Fractured Memories update released

Kritika Online on Steam

There's a new way to play Kritika Online starting today. En Masse Entertainment has just launched this anime action brawler on Steam, along with the new Fractured Memories update.

This update brings the Fractured Memories dungeon, a challenge that is tailored for players of level 15 and above, and changes each time they try it. The map layout, enemy placement and variety, as well as difficulty level and rewards are always different, making for a refreshing experience. This dungeon also brings ability points that grant account-wide buffs, with the amount of points being based on your performance – the faster you complete a Fractured Memories dungeon, the more points you get to unlock and upgrade passive bonuses such as reduced cooldowns, increased gold drops and more.

Ranked leaderboards are part of the challenge and an extra motivation, as players with the fastest completion times will receive rewards at the end of the 12-week period, after which the leaderboards are reset.

The new Xanadu hub brings four new stages: Sentinel’s Way, Azure Tiger Shrine, Luciana’s Garden, and Luciana’s Pavilion.

You can read the full patch notes for every little detail, and the Kritika Online Steam page is here. Coming up next: Éclair of the Psion class, according to the Kritika roadmap.


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