Psion Éclair class is live in Kritika Online with new update

kritika online psion eclair

En Masse Entertainment has just released the fifth class for the anime brawler Kritika Online. Éclair, of the Psion class is now live and spunky.

Éclair is the first class to join the four initial characters in Kritika Online since its release late September. She comes with the Era of the Psion content update and brings dual-pistols and psionic blades to the party, being fast and very mobile. The update offers a free character slot to every player, increasing the total to seven.

The Era of the Psion update also brings the Fast Stage Alignment System, which allows players to speak with Youla at the end of each Danger Zone to complete various tasks without returning to town. Things like completing quests, salvaging gear and swiftly moving to other Danger Zones. To celebrate the release of the Psion class, there are a few events going on, including daily login rewards.


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