Kritika Online is relaunching in the west this November as Kritika Reboot

Kritika Reboot

Proving that it isn't one to stay down, Kritika Online is about to return in the west this November. The Kritika Reboot is brought to you by Allm, the original Korean developer of Kritika Online.

Previously published in North America and Europe by En Masse Entertainment, Kritika Online shut down in April 2019. The freshly launched Facebook page (thanks MassivelyOP) is teasing the Kritika Reboot game for a few days only, with the cinematic teaser that you can see below, and a few images showing some familiar faces. There is no official website for now,

The online anime brawler had some stylish fights, but it's an instance-based game in the style of SoulWorker, with no open world to explore. It looks decent, but it has certainly aged quite a bit. Will the relaunch turn out to be a success, or is it going to fade into obscurity just like it happened with other relaunches?

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