Kritika Online gets a new update titled Titan’s Rage

Kritika Online just got a bit bigger with the new Titan's Rage update, released today.

This update adds… fishing! Lord Tabbington is there to supply you with a fishing rod, providing endless hours of excitement and delicious fish. It will be the best time you've…

Oh, who am I kidding? The best part of Titan's Rage is that you'll finally be able to fight the titan that you saw in the distance during the tutorial mission. The two new dungeons are called Titan's Rage and Skyship Arcadia: Central Deck. In the first one you get to fight Abelard's Titan and in the second you'll fight Abelard himself.

The rest of the patch is pretty much your standard dose of balancing and fixing, so you should check the patch notes to learn more about it. Watch a couple of videos from the new Kritika Online update below.


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