Prodigy class is now available in Kritika, it’s the loli if you’re wondering

Kritika prodigy loli class

The Prodigy class is now available in Kritika Online with the new update. This class is the highlight of the update and you may know her originally as Nobleria from the Korean version. Obviously, this is the loli class, in case you didn't know it already.

The Prodigy arrives all buffed up, with two advanced classes, the Artifex (Creator) and Elemancer (Elemental Fairy), and a free character slot, bringing the count to nine. One final advanced class will be released further down the road, the one that we know as Halo Magician for now. The update includes a new ultimate zone called The Eternal Library with two bosses, new Ancient accessory gear and more changes that you can read in the patch notes.

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