KurtzPel just added a 4-player co-op Boss Rush mode

KurtzPel 4-player co-op PvE

KurtzPel is steadily improving and is quickly becoming a great game, one where new features are going in the direction of player feedback. Well, maybe except for that one bit about turning it into a full-fledged MMORPG, but one can only dream. Or wait for Genshin Impact as a valid alternative.

KOG just added a new Boss Rush mode with an exciting twist – it allows 4-player co-op, a first time for KurtzPel. The announcement video shows how chaotic things get when four players are simultaneously attacking not one, but two or even three different bosses, requiring a balanced team to adapt to each boss' characteristics. As you may know by now if you're a KurtzPel player, the PvE bosses have very different attack patterns, so this is bound to be fun.

KurtzPel is getting its fifth Karma Dual Souls on July 3. This is a dual swords weapon, perfect for fast slashing attacks. This update also brings three new PvE bosses.

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