KurtzPel Alpha Test details, don’t call it Beta anymore

KurtzPel Alpha Test details

Korean studio KOG is about to launch the North American KurtzPel beta today, but let's not call it that anymore. KOG decided to change the designation to ‘alpha', considering that this label carries different expectations in NA. While in Korea there is a habit to call all tests as ‘Beta' (Beta Phase 1, Beta Phase 2, Beta Phase 3…), western gamers are more inclined to have different reactions regarding an alpha or beta.

So what is Early Access then? Let's not get into it right now, but it depends a lot on what the developer wants it to be.

Anyway, KurtzPel begins its North American Alpha today, running until November 18. For this test you can only pick the Human race, but you can choose between male and female and explore a few customization options including height. As soon as you finish the tutorial and step into the world of Eltheca, you will get all four Karmas a.k.a. weapons in your inventory. You can freely switch between these in-game. Karma Crystals a.k.a. skills will be equipped, with each player having 6 Normal Types, 2 Rage Types, and 3 Passive types.

During this alpha you can be reborn 9,999 times, so if you eventually die for good, you have to admit that you're probably a loser.

The alpha includes a few PvE missions as well as 2v2 PvP, as you can see in the charts below:

There is a nice touch concerning in-game weather and time of day – it changes accordingly to your time zone. Also note that the characters look expressionless because the system isn't implemented yet.

For more details on KurtzPel's first Beta… I mean, Alpha, click here. Take a look at the recommended system requirements as well.

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