KurtzPel wants you to delight in its ambience sounds

KurtzPel ambience sounds

KOG wants your ears to appreciate KurtzPel in equal measure for its peaceful moments as for its battle-hardened sounds. A new video delves into the quiet and tranquil ambiance outside of the arena.

Depending to the time of day and place you will hear different sounds. Wind mostly, with distinct audio inside or outside, but also chimes. The video also focuses on the footstep sounds, which work accordingly to shoes and ground material Рor no shoes, if you like to walk around barefoot. Even dancing takes this into account, and it would be fun if it had at least one tap dance to try the system.

Get your headphones and enjoy the video below. KurtzPel enters Early Access in Q1 2019, but it could turn out to be buy-to-play at launch, which if I'm not mistaken could mean a first for developer KOG. Let's hope they don't forget about their Lost Saga and Grand Chase fans and stick to the free-to-play business model.


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