KurtzPel animation cinematic introduces Chasers to PvP Probatio

KurtzPel animation cinematic Chasers PvP

KOG has released a new KurtzPel animation cinematic showing the talented studio artists at work. This short introduces the PvP Promotion match Probation, according to the official blurb.

Every player, or Chaser, that wants to increase his Chaser Rank has to go through Probatio. Notice the strong Grand Chase connections, another game from KOG Studio – the other big name from the Korean company is Elsword.

KurtzPel recently had its first North American closed beta… I mean, alpha, something that was truly unexpected – we were already prepared to wait for a year or more before a playable English version hit the west, but they managed to surprise everyone with this move. Now it's a matter of waiting for the next test.

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