Here’s your daily prescription of Kurtzpel Blazing Fist skills

kurtzpel blazing fist skills

While not as exciting as a polished and potentially viral trailer, the regular Kurtzpel videos keep coming and show all the skills that a character can execute with the different weapons. After the Blazing Fist command skills, the new video shows the basic skills themselves.

Which skills, you ask? You know, the ones with the fancy names such as White Flower Strike, Blazing Burst, Spinning Wind, Rapid Chase, Great Counter or Furious Rush. The names themselves are capable of instilling fear into your enemies. Of course, you can combine these skills to create devastating combos that won't let your enemies breathe.

Kurtzpel is focused on PvP and these skills, as well as the command skills make us believe that it is a game where the best players win, but we'll have to wait and see. A release date is yet to be announced, and KOG Studios still has to reveal if it plans to bring the game to western territories.

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