Kurtzpel’s Blazing Fist weapon takes punching to the max

Kurtzpel Blazing Fist weapon gameplay

After showcasing the Dance of the Wind and Sword of Talaimh weapons, now it's time for the Blazing Fist to be the star of the new Kurtzpel videos.

The Blazing Fist is the weapon for everyone who wants to be a Brawler, with punches flying by at amazing speeds. However, this doesn't mean that your character will be limited to punching, as some acrobatic kicks are also part of the combos. As usual, the Blazing Fist video description includes the Command Skills instructions and a couple of combo examples, one of them including the very interesting grab and smack into the ground skill.

Kurtzpel still has no released date in Korea or an English version confirmed.

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