KurtzPel official business model poll leaning to free-to-play

KurtzPel business model poll

After a really interesting closed beta for KurtzPelread our impressions about the anime brawler – KOG is hard at work, taking feedback and making improvements.

One of the questions that is still hanging in the air concerns the business model. While the makers of Grand Chase and Elsword are known for their use of the free-to-play model, there is no certainty about KurtzPel. The Steam page added even more doubts to this matter, as the following statement cleared absolutely no one's worries: “prices will be adjusted based on analysis pertaining to qualitative and quantitative value of the featured content we'll be providing.”

Now, by searching the official KurtzPel Discord it has come to our attention that KOG wants KurtzPel players to express their vote on the business model. There is a poll going on and currently free-to-play is taking the lead, as you can see:

KurtzPel business model poll

It's not a large margin, but it should be enough to convince KOG to release KurtzPel as free-to-play. You can expect Early Access (scheduled for Q1 2019) to be paid, but the official launch will eventually be F2P.

The Discord also featured a couple of additional polls. KOG wants to know which Melee Karma (or weapon) and Range Karma you want to see coming to the game next. You can pick all the options that you like, so feel free to go crazy!

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