KurtzPel Calamity boss is a thing of nightmares, Cthulhu would be proud

KurtzPel Calamity boss

KOG has released a new set of images with a very interesting story behind it. Apparently, KurtzPel isn't only connected to Grand Chase, one of the Korean studio's previous games, but also to Elsword. We've had the Marvel Universe, now we have the KOG Universe. Seems fun!

The screens and concept art show a huge purple octopus-like creature called Calamity, that could – or not – have some ties with Elsword. Take a look at the short story below and judge by yourself.

KurtzPel is an ambitious third-person anime brawler that looks really good and seems to be a perfect match for players who are looking for a skill-based action game. It's confirmed to be coming to North America and Europe, so let's wait for the next test.

“It was falling out of the crack in the sky. Afterwards, everyone could sense the energy of karma just beyond the secret gate. That energy was something that doesn’t exist in the world.

Ensher: Everyone! Back off! Stay away!!
Crim: Ensher, this can’t be….
Ensher: Right, that must have been the Calamity that appeared 30 years ago.
Belatos Army: Gaaah!! Garvan, what is..it?
Garvan: Khuu…!! We need to get out of here quickly! It’s impossible to defeat it….!
Ensher: It's a manifestation of power of chaos, which is the great disaster.
Crim: Calamity…!!

Calamity is a manifestation of the power of chaos since the El’s creation of the universe. The chaos holds the power of destruction and annihilation.”

KurtzPel Calamity boss KurtzPel Calamity boss KurtzPel Calamity boss KurtzPel Calamity boss


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