KurtzPel cinematic compilation trailer will bring tears to Grand Chase fans

KurtzPel cinematic compilation trailer

KOG is back with another teaser for its upcoming anime action game KurtzPel. We've had the whole lot: cinematic prologues, gameplay trailers of the most diverse kind and even tutorials for each weapon, or karma.

Now, it's time for a short compilation of diverse cinematics from the game, or at least a few seconds of them. You'll get to see some of the bosses that are waiting for you, as well as several characters, new and old.

Grand Chase fans will surely recognize some of them, as KOG seems to be doing some sort of multiverse thing for its games. Apparently, you may be able to spot Lire, Jin and Amy in this trailer.

KurtzPel had its first North American closed alpha not too long ago. Now we're waiting for it to open again and for more players to be able to join.

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