KurtzPel is adding new Dual Souls Karma and Kien NPC on July 3

KurtzPel Dual Souls Karma Kien

Remember the KurtzPel roadmap that we've talked about a couple of days ago? There was a mention that the new Dual Souls Karma was eyeing an release by early July. Now we have the official confirmation on the date.

KurtzPel's Dual Souls Karma will be released on July 3, along with the new NPC Kien. He will bring three new PvE missions with three new bosses. In fact, you can take a look at the stream below to see the Dual Souls (which is a fancy name for dual swords) in action.

You can even see one of the new bosses, a gruesome creature that is found inside the Regenie Monastery, more specifically inside the underground dungeon called The Room of Redemption. 

The Dual Souls seem extremely fast but that boss is armed with it as well, so you can see that sword swipes are going to rain in every direction.


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