KurtzPel Early Access delayed to Q2 2019, price model soon to be revealed

KurtzPel Early Access Q2 2019

KOG has come forward about KurtzPel's initial Early Access release date which was scheduled for Q1 2019. As you probably know by now, there is no way that this is happening.

So, KOG has decided to share the news that the KurtzPel Early Access was delayed a little longer, moving to the first half of Q2 2019. The team even “promises to release” KurtzPel during this period.

The delay was due to player feedback and a larger amount of work that initially anticipated. It's about polishing the good features, removing what isn't appreciated and adding some new functions that players requested. Some features won't make it to Early Access but will end up in the game later, with KOG promising to keep players informed about target launch dates for these items.

More info is also coming soon concerning KurtzPel Early Access details. The exact date, region availability and business model – KurtzPel is highly likely to be free-to-play, but you never know.


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