KurtzPel Fallen Light Karma teased among massive content update

KurtzPel Fallen Light Karma

During the latest livestream, KOG Games revealed the next KurtzPel karma among other contents. The massive update coming soon to the anime action game is adding some new systems, while removing others in the process. The KurtzPel Fallen Light Karma is the next class that you'll be able to play soon, probably in a month or two.

The new KurtzPel Fallen Light Karma is described as a magic cannon named Elemental Buster. This is a long-range character that plays out as a magic slayer, a nice balance considering that the previous class was a melee fighter using a massive hammer. The Sacred Guardian Karma was released in October 2019.

A nice twist to the Fallen Light Karma is that it doesn't bring any sort of auto-target assist. Every projectile coming out of your hands will go straight to where you were aiming, so don't expect any help from the game in scoring those shots.

PVP Season 2 is coming in 2020 and brings some interesting changes. One of them is the removal of the ability to select the game mode, a system created to see if you really are that good, or just loved to stick to the same match over and over. You can, however, change your weapon and skills before the start of the match. The rewards system was changed as well, with the rewards being attributed based on the highest ranking achieved during the season.

This KurtzPel update is adding a new mailbox system, a new Karma growth system, new character inventory, and a Season Pass. You can also expect tons of new items, along with the removal of the NPC tracking affinity system, a mechanic that was never that appealing to begin with.

Take a look at the first image of the KurtzPel Fallen Light Karma below, and read more about this content update here.

KurtzPel Fallen Light Karma

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