KurtzPel videos show the four Karma classes in action

KurtzPel four Karma classes

Is today KurtzPel's day or what? After our impressions on the global closed beta, now we are sharing with you four new videos that highlight the four available Karmas in this anime brawler.

In case you don't know what Karmas are in KurtzPel, these are the classes or weapons that you get to pick. Choose a couple of them and you can switch to your preferred Karma on-the-fly, making for a versatile fighting game – one second you're using your longbow from a distance, the next you are swiping your sword up close.

The four Karmas are Dance of Wind (Longbow), Blazing Fist (Gauntlets), Sword Taliah (Sword) and Diabolic Witch (Staff). Check the videos below and pick your favorite weapon of brawl.

KurtzPel is ending its global closed beta today, but Early Access is scheduled for Q1 2019.


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