Kurtzpel confirmed free-to-play, Early Access release in April (NA) and June (EU)

Kurtzpel free early access date

After several months of uncertainty (the initial Steam Ealy Access FAQ didn't help) and a poll to help decide on the business model, KOG has finally revealed its decision: KurtzPel is officially free-to-play.

*Pops champagne

The reveal happened during the latest KurtzPel stream, where this info was shared with eager players, along with other “tiny” things such as languages (English and Korean for now) and… you know, release date and stuff.

Release date? Cool! Early Access release date, that is, and it comes in different flavors: April 30, 2019 at 09:00 PDT (April 30, 2019 16:00 UTC+0) for North America and South America, early June 2019 for Europe and early July for Asia. The reason for this gradual release is due to the need to stabilize the connection for each region before moving on to the next.

Server locations in North America are situated in the west and east coast, while Brazil will host the South American server. Cross-region play and data transfer between regions won't be allowed.

Let's return to KurtzPel's newly revealed free-to-play business model. When we asked, KOG's Vice-President Danny Noss told us that Early Access will be free (unlike other F2P games that release in paid Early Access). The core content of the game is free, with the expected costumes and Karma (weapons) being sold as DLC or directly from the cash shop. Selling Karma… hopefully it won't have a big impact on gameplay, or at least I hope that these can be unlocked through progress as well. Founder's Packs are planned and will include additional Karmas and exclusive costumes.

In a related note, a new KurtzPel poll in the official Discord is asking players if they want to see a thigh slider feature for KurtzPel's character creation. Obviously, the “Yes” option is winning by many votes. Who wouldn't want it?


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