KurtzPel gets first gameplay and character creation videos

KurtzPel gameplay videos

KOG Games has just revealed the first videos from its upcoming action MMORPG KurtzPel. It's all very flashy and colorful, and PvP seems to be the main focus of the game.

This isn't too surprising, as the developers said that KurtzPel was supposed to be a faithful successor to the team's previous games, Grand Chase and Elsword. However, KOG is planning on adding PvE content too, so let's hope it's actually a full-fledged mode and not a rushed addition.

The first video shows the character creation, both male and female. Although there are some interesting options including body weight and size, tons of hair colors and the mandatory boob slider, I'm not quite pleased with how the characters still look too angular for this day and age – check the boobs too see my point.

As for the gameplay, you have to be fond of this type of arena battlers. It may remind you of Kritika Online or even Soulworker Online, with plenty of air combos and stuff like that, but let's hope it doesn't become a messy button-masher.

Bookmark the official KurtzPel website if you want to follow this game.

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