Kurtzpel PvE bosses revealed in a new and very raw video

Kurtzpel PvE bosses revealed

KOG Studio has released a new video showing some of the Kurtzpel PvE bosses that you are going to fight. If you had to pick one, only one… well, good luck with that, all of them are creepy and/or capable of beating you into a messy pulp.

Since the designers weren't kind enough to name names, I decided to label every single one of them. So, without further delay and in order of appearance, you will get to see the following: Headless Knight, Cloaked Skeleton With Lantern, Dude With Greatsword, Martial Arts Big Guy (or Black Fight Master, possibly), Skeleton Warlock, Creepy Voodoo Magician, Sexy Bow and Sword Twins, Little Puma Girl, Rock Lobster, Dragon Claws, Flying Cockroach and Skeleton Dragon.

How many of these do you think we will get right? None, that's for sure. But it was fun doing it.

Kurtzpel should be playable later this year, but KOG Studio still hasn't revealed any date whatsoever.

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