KurtzPel trailers show first PvE footage and prologue cinematic

KurtzPel pve gameplay

KOG Games has released two new KurtzPel videos, and if they keep it up, in 2018 you should have a few hundred videos already.

Alright, I'm exaggerating a bit. I'm also pleased with the constant releases, as the two new videos show some previously unseen details about this anime action MMO. For one, you get your first look at some PvE footage, starring a giant flying glowing octopus of sorts. Apparently, PvE supports 2-player co-op, if our Korean isn't too rusty.

Before that, the character creation teaser (you can see a previously released character creation trailer) shows the making of a thicc female warrior. Hey, this one is on them!

After that you can meet a couple of NPCs and there is this karma system at work, which means that you can increase your relationship with each one of them. You'll probably earn some items from this, but it's too soon to know. Finally, there's a mention of the dual action system, where your character has the ability to switch between a couple of weapons at will.

The other video shows the anime prologue of KurtzPel, so enjoy the pretty images until we get some sort of subtitles or English version.

KOG Games hasn't announced a western release for KurtzPel yet, but we'll keep following this game until we hear about it. If you want to read quite a bit of info about it right now, head over to this post.

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