Latest Kurtzpel videos show a glimpse of the PvE content

Kurtzpel PvE gameplay trailer

It's been quite a while since we've talked about Kurtzpel, the latest game in development at KOG Games, makers of Elsword and Grand Chase. They haven't been very active on the marketing department, but a couple of videos were released during the latest weeks.

We previously mentioned how Kurtzpel's focus was on PvP, but this didn't mean that it wouldn't include some kind of PvE campaign. Now, after a brief glimpse at this component, we have a video showing more of the PvE gameplay. Oddly enough, this is once again based on boss fights, and there is nothing else that shows just how in-depth the adventure will be. We already know that these battles will feature 2-player co-op, but even that seems to be a bit off from the usual 4-player co-op dungeons seen in games such as SoulWorker or Kritika Online. We'll see if that changes in the meantime.

Kurtzpel is going for a nice, colorful art style, but let's hope that the PvE side is as fleshed out as the PvP variant. As for a release, there's no word yet even for Korea, so North America and Europe will have to wait even longer for some kind of announcement.

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