KurtzPel shows two PvP game modes right before closed beta

KurtzPel PvP game modes

The colorful anime action RPG KurtzPel is about to enter its first North American closed beta. Scheduled to begin tomorrow and run until November 18, 2018, KOG will take player feedback and improve this PvP-focused game.

But right before the NA closed beta, they have released a couple of new and colorful PvP videos, each one for a game mode. There's a Capture the Flag mode of sorts, as well as a multi-wins mode. No matter your choice, you're in for some flashy, fast-paced combat with frequent combos, aerial combat and little time to breathe.

As a bonus, you can also watch the KurtzPel G-Star 2018 trailer below, which focuses on the four weapons, or Karmas. You can pick two and switch between them anytime during combat.

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