KurtzPel adds PvP leaderboards for bragging rights

KurtzPel PvP Leaderboards Beta

What is the one thing that every PvP game desperately needs? Leaderboards, of course! While KurtzPel features a PvE campaign, it is first and foremost a PvP game.

After the exciting global closed beta, developer KOG has listened to player feedback – they were pretty firm about asking for it, as this is the development stage where they can still add and fix things – and is working through several features. One of the latest to be revealed is the PvP leaderboards.

Each leaderboard below corresponds to one of the regions from the global closed beta: North America, Europe and Asia. Did you make the top 15?

KurtzPel enters Early Access in Q1 2019. KOG is polling players if they want the game to be buy-to-play or free-to-play, which means that the business model is still under wraps.

KurtzPel PvP Leaderboards Beta KurtzPel PvP Leaderboards Beta KurtzPel PvP Leaderboards Beta


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