KurtzPel roadmap teases new karma, 6-player PvE and more

KurtzPel Roadmap magic attack breaker

KOG has announced so many awesome things coming soon to KurtzPel. The anime brawler is receiving many cool features during August and September, with the rest of the year having a few surprises in store.

So, where should I start? I guess I'll skip right to the end, when we will get a new magic attack breaker Karma. This is happening just a few months after we got the Dual Soul karma.

September will bring a 6-player PvE mode, making these boss battles more exciting than before. A guild system is coming at the same time, as well as a crafting system and a new supply box item rotation.

August marks the beginning of KurtzPel's PvP season 1, so I hope that you know the ins and outs of your favorite Chaser. A free for all survival mode adds more fuel to the fire, and an achievement system is something that no game in this current day and age is able to do without.

The much requested keyboard key customization option is coming in August, along with a new boss rush map – four-player boss rush is a game mode that was introduced in late June.

I just saved the best for last: a swimwear costume! Yay! As you all know by now, there is nothing like slashing and blasting your rivals wearing a sexy two-piece bikini. It's just a matter of learning if it will be an exclusive cash-shop item or if it can be acquired through game progress. 

KurtzPel Roadmap magic attack breaker

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