Kurtzpel shows some purple shots from a beast cavern

Kurtzpel screenshots

After some nice but still not completely revealing PvE videos, KOG Games has released a bunch of new Kurtzpel images showing a new location.

Officially titled Caverns of Beast (just like that), this place features a lot of purple and apparently is home to a giant monster who raided a village near Cagor, as well as the mage who controls it. Ancient Kalyan wizards are conducting some secret experiments down there, according to some information.

This has all the makings of PvE content, but Kurtzpel seems to be focused more on its PvP side. So far, all that we've seen from the campaign involves boss raids, but I'm hoping that there is more to it than bashing bosses and their minions.

Take a look at the new screens below.

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