KurtzPel shows exciting PvE co-op battle in new video

KurtzPel shows exciting PvE co-op battle

Get ready for an astounding amount of combos and visual effects in the new KurtzPel gameplay video. As if to show everyone that KurtzPel isn't just about the PvP – although its focus is admittedly on that -, KOG Studio has revealed a video where two players team up to fight a boss. Or two, as these bad girls (Darkelf Nae & Shae) can be seen on this PvE boss video around the 30 second mark.

The animation and skill variety is quite impressive and it somehow flows nicely amidst all the chaos that is going rampant during this battle. I particularly liked the part where the main player grabs the enemy, smacks her into the ground, throws her in the air and then air-kicks the crap out of her. Pretty intense.

If you like the way that this anime brawler is shaping up, then what are you waiting to sign up for the upcoming North American beta? Before you do that, don't forget to take a look at KurtzPel's recommended system requirements.

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