KurtzPel Survival mode featuring 18-player PvP is live

KurtzPel Survival mode

Brawls are getting bigger in KurtzPel with the latest update that we've discussed here. The KurtzPel Survival mode is live, featuring 18-player free-for-all PvP battles in pure Battle Royale style.

The Survival mode is set in Kardia Island Shore and your ranking won't be affected by your performance; however, you'll get bigger rewards according to your final placement.

If you turn out to be the one that delivers the final blow to an enemy, your HP will recover and you get a buff to your attack power. This attack power can be stacked up to ten times.

A variety of events are running until September 4, with some cool cosmetic rewards for you. Staying logged in for 30 minutes also gets you AP and CP boosts.

KOG is still balancing the KurtzPel Survival mode, particularly the bit where players become victims of a combo chain without chance to escape.


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