New KurtzPel survival PvP mode pits 18 players in a battle for supremacy

KurtzPel survival PvP mode

When the going gets tough, the tough get into the new KurtzPel survival PvP mode. KOG has just announced the upcoming mode for its anime brawler and points players to its next livestream for more details and a preview.

This KurtzPel survival PvP mode has the uniqueness of allowing 18 players to join the battle. It's almost as if it was some sort of mini Battle Royale mode, but let's not mention that again because it might bring bad luck.

The 18-player survival mode is coming to KurtzPel after the August 21 maintenance. For the livestream preview you just need to go to during the following times:

  • PDT: August 16th 16:00
  • EDT: August 16th 19:00
  • UTC+0: August 16th 23:00
  • JST: August 17th 8:00

This free for all survival mode was teased in the previous KurtzPel roadmap, but the number of players wasn't mentioned, so it's a great surprise. A 6-player PvE mode is coming in September, so you won't be lacking game modes in KurtzPel – the only thing missing is a full-fledged campaign that would turn this into a complete anime MMORPG, but I wouldn't count on it.

A crafting system is another important feature that is coming in September. It should add some variety to the gameplay, with players being able to craft their own gear, maybe even their own weapons.

Before the end of the year KurtzPel players will get a new Karma. Currently teased as a Magic Attack Breaker, it's unclear what kind of weapon this will be. The fifth and latest Karma was introduced back in July, the Dual Soul Karma.

KurtzPel entered Early Access to some controversy, with two of the four Karmas being locked behind paywalls. However, KOG took the hint and quickly made them accessible from the start. These and a lot more changes turned KurtzPel into one of the best current free anime fighting games.


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