Kurtzpel shows Sword of Talaimh skills in a new video

Kurtzpel sword of talaimh gameplay

Left, left, right, jump, left. Ah, the joys of Kurtzpel's combo-based combat system bring back fond memories of times spent playing the Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter series. Expect that KOG Games' new title is played in third-person and has more similarities with SoulWorker than with the aforementioned games.

The latest official Kurtzpel video is entirely focused on the Sword of Talaimh, one of the weapons available in this anime action RPG. Each skill is clearly detailed in the video description, so take note for future reference. A spin-to-win attack is sure to become a fan-favorite, but the other skills shouldn't be overlooked as well. Once again, this video shows work-in-progress gameplay, so some of it is bound to change for the final version, which still doesn't have a release date for Korea.

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