KurtzPel is teasing new playable Karma, holy knight Lime Serenity

Kurtzpel Lime Serenity new karma

KurtzPel is about to get some significant changes soon. KOG is teasing that “everything will change,” something that involves a massive balance revamp for the existing characters.

A new tournament is also slated to begin later this month. The second session of Eltheca Proving Grounds starts on September 28, once again pitting the best Chasers in a series of thrilling battles.

But the most exciting tease from this update is a new Karma. The teaser image below reveals more than it should, starting with the name of the next playable character. She is Lime Serenity, Sacred Guardian, a character that fans will surely recognize from one of KOG's previous games, and the one that is intrinsically tied to KurtzPel: Grand Chase.

The new Karma Lime Serenity is a young female holy knight who uses a huge gavel, or blessing hammer. The teaser reveals that she comes fully equipped with her hammer, and her redesign to fit the art style of KurtzPel looks really good.

We don't know yet when Lime Serenity will launch on KurtzPel, but judging by the frequent pace of the updates, it shouldn't take more than a month or two.

Kurtzpel Lime Serenity


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