New Kurtzpel video shows more Sword of Talaimh skills

Kurtzpel PVE gameplay video

KOG Games is back with a new Kurtzpel video, once again focusing on the Sword of Talaimh, one of the weapons that you can find in this anime action RPG.

While the previous Kurtzpel video showed you the command skills – you know, the ‘left, right, left, left' kind -, this time you get to experience some actual skills from the skill bar, with the cooldown and everything. They are flashy, devastating and won't spare the poor dummy that is used as a test subject in this video. Here are some of the skill names: Ground Crush, Leaf Attack, Rubble Shot, Stun Smash, Tempest Slash and Relentless. You can even create combos with these skills, for example: use leaf Attack, Tempest Slash, Stun Smash.

KOG Games still hasn't revealed a release date for Kurtzpel in Korea, or discussed the chance of an English release, although seeing video descriptions in English is a good sign.

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